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About Elijah

Hello, I'm Elijah or as many YouTubers know me as "Deathrazorsk8ing".  I'm a former Runescape player, when I say former I simply mean I no longer play...I now mostly do Vlogs (Video Blogs) almost everyday!  I'm a very dedicated person, when I set my eyes to a goal I stop at nothing, and I mean nothing to achieve it, understand!?!  I have many hopes of becoming a professional wrestler for any brand weather it be TNA, WWE or even CZW (CZW is one of the most brutal wrestling brands in the history of our time).  Anyway, you should enjoy my site and hit me up on YouTube!


I will work very hard on keeping my website updated, you can find any valuable updates here!

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Why I am here

I'm here to ensure that you all have a very fun and relaxed time, and enjoy lifes great pleasures and master lifes secrets!  OK, not really just a place where you can go to have a good time and make some friends.

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