19,000 Followers on Twitter in just 30 days!

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Okay...How to get maximum exposure on Twitter using the following sites:

Youtube, Myspace, AIM, Facebook and many more!

 Please visit this website NOW!!!! http://www.tweetergetter.com/demented430 you wont be sorry!


Step 1: Visit the website above and follow the given instructions, which includes your Twitter Username and Twitter Password(DONT WORRY, it does NOT hack you in any way!)


Step 2: Click the "Tweet Now" and it will send a Tweet through your Twitter account with a link to your tweetergetter and people click the link


Step 3: When people click the link they will be brought to a page like this;  http://www.tweetergetter.com/demented430 and will follow the instructions and will automaticly follow you alon with 5 other people...no worries!


the Result: If you use this for thirty days, yes that one month you will get at the highest 19,532 followers on Twitter!   Now dont expect to get 19,000 you may only get a few hundred but still over time you can get hundreds of thousands of followers!   REAL PEOPLE!