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This part of the website is explaining why you should use Twitter!


Its good to signup for Twitter and get 500+ followers by using this website it helped me allot its free and does not scam or spam dont worry!  By using the instructions in that website you follow me and 5 others and they will most likely follow you back and when you post links to your tweetergetter people follow you and 5 others, and the reason they will do this is because it helps everyone get followers including there selves!  When you have 50 Followers it begins getting fun, by that time you'll be following about 60-70 people it doesnt matter...all that matters is you will have 50 people who will be notified when you post a new Tweet, so what that means is, you can upload a video to youtube and make a tweet using tinyurl or (those two sites are URL/web address shorteners cause twitter only allows you to use 140 letters in each tweet) with a hidden link to your video...your Tweeps (Twitter Peeps) will then click the link and BOOOM one more view on your video!


And there you have it the best way to get more followers and subscribers on YouTube at the same time!