How to get views and subscribers on youtube

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This part of the website is all about YOU! yes you, the viewer, and how you can get subscribers and views on YouTube fast and effective;

 You have to have good tags, if your making a video about a wrestler for instants lets say AJ Styles...then put aj styles in as a tag!!! And make sure that you have similar tags to bigger YouTubers such as FLuffeTalks, sXephil, Fred, Smosh and others, so when someone is watching I'll say a sXephil video about I'll just say HIV, they can see in the "Related Videos" section your video and hopefully click it and be inspired or humoured by it!

Good Titles, almost if not more important than the first tip.  Again I'll say your making a video about AJ Styles, Then you have the Title something like "AJ Styles why he is awesome", so fans of Styles will click the video and hopefully like it, maybe even subscribe to your videos and send the video to friends making you have 1000s of views and subscribers

Sub4Sub ugh I personally don't like this one but its OK...Sub4sub is bassically you subscribe to someone, comment there channel asking them to subscribe back and they usually do so earning you 1 subscriber each sounds like a sweet deal and it is cause I had recently built a different channel up to almost 140 subscribers in 3 days, but then it starts dawning in...I have just subscribed to some of the dumbest fucking people on the planet!  everyday you get this little nerdy 10 year olds making stupid videos that dont even have a fucking point, its like the titles are "my bro fell off a bike haha" WHO THE FUCK CARES?!?!?!?!?!  I Certainly dont! but its a good way to get started, but it usually kills your views.

 Be creative, the more original you are the better, just be yourself relax and have a good time cause that's what youtube's big plan is...let me explain, although you have probably figured it out if your having fun in your video your viewers are probably gonna be having fun watching that video, and that would most likely result in them subscribing to your channel.

 Activism, You have to be active...I cant tell you how many videos I've seen and was like "wow that video rocked im gonna subscribe to them, hell im gonna go check out there videos." i click on the channel and they havent made a video in like 2 months!! its like what the fuck?  If you are good at YouTubing than you have to post videos frequently enough so your viewers can see more of you.

Video responses, ahh video responses a fresh new way to get hundreds of thousands in views, if used correctly.  What this is, you basically go into the "Videos" section on the youtube homepage and click "Most viewed" for that day, and find a video that you like and can add more on or just make your own better version of the video, then get your camera and shoot your movie and post it as a "Video Response", if done efficently you should get thousands of views within a month to a me it works!

Subscribers request, OK I'll be honest here I don't really follow this rule, but I should!  Subscribers will often request you to do certain videos about certain things and by request I mean bug the living shit out of you.  But by doing these requests you gain the subscriber's trust and they will more then likely rate the video 5 stars comment it and hopefully favorite it, which all those things can be ranked in the "Videos" section on the homepage, and if you get on that list....its like a cumshot of views and subscribers LOL!

Still stuck?  If you have tried these ideas for at least a week and havent gained at least 10 subscribers, then how can I put this mildly, ok I'll just give it to you straight, YOU SUCK! so pick a different subject or stop making videos!